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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Brighton Argus Fake News Story About Palestinian Threat to Jewish Festival

Zionist Dirty Tricks Brigade Hard at Work Creating ‘Anti-Semitism’ Where it Doesn’t Exist

I was phoned at about 1.00 yesterday by Joel Adams, a reporter with the Brighton Argus, just as I was about to go out to lunch.  Had I heard, he asked, about a Palestinian demonstration later than afternoon at Hove town hall.  No I hadn’t but of course it was possible I simply hadn’t heard of it.  I promised to get someone to ring him back but as far as I was aware there was no such demonstration.

Fake News Article from Argus
I immediately contacted the Chair of Brighton PSC to confirm that there was nothing planned that afternoon.  At the same time Greg Hadfield, the suspended and elected Secretary of the disbanded Brighton and Hove District Labour Party also confirmed to Joel Adams that there was no demonstration.

Although Joel did not tell me what it was that was happening at Hove Town Hall that afternoon I soon learnt that it was the lighting of the candelabrum (menorah) ceremony on the Jewish festival of Chanukah. 

Now why should a Palestinian organisation wish to protest at such a ceremony?  What has a Jewish religious ceremony got to do with Israel’s murder and dispossession of the Palestinians and the demolition of their homes and villages?  Absolutely nothing of course.   The Palestinians quarrel is not with Judaism but with Zionist settler colonialism.  
Joel Adams - the Argus reporter who fell for a hoax
I realise  that Joel isn’t the most clued up of reporters but anyone with a minimal political awareness could have worked out that this story was fishy.

Having attended a Planning Committee meeting of Brighton PSC the previous night I was pretty certain nothing was happening on Thursday afternoon.  I didn’t know that there was a menorah lighting ceremony and nor did Joel Adams tell me.  If he had been honest and told me what it was that was planned then I would have definitively confirmed nothing was planned rather than being simply puzzled and scratching their head.
Hove Town Hall
What was the Argus’ reaction?  Not to ignore the whole matter but to run an ‘Exclusive’ ‘Jewish candle-lighting held behind closed doors over security concerns’.  What was the exclusive?  That bogus security concerns and a hoax had led to a Jewish festival ceremony being held away from the public and out of sight?

The real story was that some malicious person, probably Simon Cobbs from Sussex Friends of Israel or perhaps Ivor Caplin, the Jewish Labour Movement’s Southern organiser, former MP and war criminal (he was a junior Defence Minister at the time of the Iraq War) had decided that the best way to heighten Jewish fears of Palestinians was to invent ‘anti-Semitism’ and plant a false story that a demonstration was planned at the menorah lighting event.

Because the Zionists have no concrete evidence to back up their ritual assertions that anti-Zionist = anti-Semitism, they are now resorting to fake stories about Palestine threats to demonstrate at Jewish religious events.  This kind of behaviour has a long pedigree.  In Iraq in the early 1950’s, Zionist agents in Haganah, despairing of the Iraqi Jewish community emigrating to Israel planted bombs in Jewish cafes and a synagogue thus simulating the anti-Semitism that was lacking.

The real villain of the story is the Brighton Argus.  There was a time when it was a good local paper.  It used to have such things as investigative reporters, court reporters and the like.  Today it relies primarily on press releases for its stories.

I am though surprised that even The Argus relied on a totally made-up story as a headline ‘Exclusive’ when the only story was who was behind this malicious hoax. The other question is who in the Council fed the Argus with this non-story.

Suffice to say when I put these questions to Joel Adams he first said I should ring him up at home and when I persisted, he dissembled, stuttered and then in frustration told me to ‘fuck off’ and put the phone down.  Clearly Joel isn’t in the running for Reporter of the Year!

I have sent a letter to the Argus but I don’t hold out any great hope that its editor Arron Hendy will print it as newspapers rarely admit to their mistakes in public.

The moral of the story is how desperate the Zionists are that they have to invent false rumours of anti-Semitic demonstrations and simulate ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to be able to defend the world’s only Apartheid state.

Later in the day the Argus updated its story.

Tony Greenstein

Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign Statement

False rumours of ‘pro-Palestine protest’ trigger security alert at Hove Town Hall

The Argus ran a story this afternoon about a security crisis at Hove Town Hall. The Argus reported that the City Council and local police were concerned about the threat posed by ‘a planned pro-Palestine protest’ to the lighting of the Chanukah Menorah – so concerned in fact that the ceremony had to be held ‘behind closed doors’ rather than at its usual outdoor site. 

The Argus also reported that ‘two sources close to the city’s pro-Palestinian movement told The Argus no demonstration was ever planned’. In later online updates the Argus reported that ‘there was no demonstration’.

Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign wishes to state clearly that no such protest was ever planned by local campaigners for Palestinian rights. Religious ceremonies would never be targeted by pro-Palestine groups. BHPSC is naturally sorry to learn that concerns over security disrupted the Menorah-lighting ceremony. 

Questions must be asked about the source of this unfounded rumour, as they appear to be using religious sensitivities to discredit legitimate political protest. The Argus judged that the security alert was newsworthy: what was newsworthy was that rumours about a non-existent protest were spread in order to create a security crisis. The important questions for the press to ask are: who spread them? and why?

Letter sent to Argus

Friday, 15 December 2017

Open Letter to Joan Ryan Chair of Labour Friends of Israel - MP for Enfield North & Jerusalem Central

Your Attack on Kate Osamor for supporting BDS against Israel is no different from Thatcher’s 
Opposition to Sanctions on South Africa

Kate Osamor comes out in support of BDS

Dear Ms Ryan,

You recently wrote an Open Letter to Kate Osamor MP.  You objected to Kate retweeting a tweet from BDS South Africa.  You claimed that BDS is ‘morally wrong’ because it seeks to ‘demonise and delegitimize the world’s only Jewish state.’  There is a lot to unpack there.

Firstly the idea that religious states are a good thing disappeared with the French Revolution and Emancipation.  A state should embrace all its citizens not just those of one religion.  Although Britain for example is still nominally a Protestant state this does not privilege the rights of citizens of a particular religion over another. In Israel being Jewish entitles you to far greater privileges than non-Jews. A Jewish state cannot help but be a racist state, since it was established via settler colonialism.
The tweet that Joan Ryan took exception to
The tactic of Boycott – from Captain Boycott in Ireland, the Boycott of Slave grown sugar in the West Indies, the Jewish Boycott of Nazi Germany (which the Zionists opposed) and the Boycott of Apartheid South Africa - has always been a weapon in the hands of the oppressed. 

Israel has not only maintained a military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for 50 years (and today incidentally enforces a Boycott of Gaza) but it has treated the Arabs of Israel as a fifth column, guests in someone else’s country. Only this week Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for a boycott of the Wadi Ara area of Israel's Arab citizens:
“don't go in there—don't enter their restaurants or their businesses, don't get your cars fixed there. The residents of Wadi Ara must understand that they're unwanted and that they're not part of us.”
I don’t recall you writing an open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu demanding Lieberman’s dismissal or the Israeli Labour Party protesting, as would have happened in any democratic country.
Joan Ryan claimed the most expenses of any MP in 2006-7 having been runner up in 2005-6.  During the expenses scandal she was forced to disgorge over £5,000

As you will be aware it is those in the ANC who fought Apartheid who have been the greatest supporters of BDS. On November 28th Mandla Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, after visiting the West Bank was reported as saying that “Israel is the worst apartheid regime... Palestinians are being subjected to the worst version of apartheid.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle and a Nobel Peace Prize winner was quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying:
"I have witnessed the systemic humiliation of Palestinian men, women and children by members of the Israeli security forces, their humiliation is familiar to all black South Africans who were corralled and harassed and insulted and assaulted by the security forces of the apartheid government."

Only this week a video captured Israeli soldiers attempting to kidnap three 5 year old Palestinian children.  This wasn't an isolated incident.  We had the Btselem video of a child of 8 being dragged from his home in Hebron earlier this year. In response to this and other criticisms, Btselem has been demonised in Israel and its funding threatened.

Instead of LFI criticising these examples of child abuse, which are in themselves war crimes, we had the disgusting spectacle of Louise Ellman, an LFI Vice-Chair intervening in the House of Commons debate on 16th January 2016 in support of the Israeli military's actions.
You refer to the support of your ‘sister party, the Israeli Labour Party’ [ILP]for a 2 State Solution [2SS].  This is disingenuous.  Only this week Avi Gabbay, the new leader of the ILP came out in support of Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is the final death blow to the 2SS.  Gabbay also made it clear that under an Israeli Labour government all the main settlement blocks will remain in place.  You cannot have a Palestinian state alongside the settlements.

The ILP’s support for a Palestinian state is the political equivalent of the 3 card trick.  At least, when Tsipi Hotoveli, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister says that “This land is ours. All of it is ours’ she is being honest. Labour Zionism has always been dishonest - talking peace whilst waging war.

The ILP is a far-Right party. There is nothing left-wing about it. It supports the forcible deportation of African refugees from Eritrea solely because they are not Jewish. They are termed ‘infiltrators’ the same racist term that is applied to Palestinian refugees.  The 2015 Freedom House report classified Eritrea as one of the 12 “Worst of the Worst” countries in the world.

What members of the Labour Party find disturbing is that LFI acts as the arm of the Israeli state within the Labour Party.  No other state in the world has such influence inside our party. 
You say you support a 2SS yet not once have you ever condemned Israel’s military occupation, its theft of Palestinian water and land resources, its administrative detention, checkpoints, abuse and torture of Palestinian children.  As the Al Jazeera programme The Lobby showed earlier this year, the LFI is a well-funded group with a £1m slush fund.
If you were in the slightest bit sincere in your call for a 2SS, you would call for an end to the Occupation. Instead you put the blame on the quisling Palestinian Authority, which acts as Israel’s security arm, for ‘anti-Semitic incitement’ ignoring the racist statements of Israeli Ministers like Deputy Defence Minister Eli Dahan about the Palestinians: “To me, they are like animals, they aren’t human.”  Dahan went on to explain that “A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual,”

Even the right-wing Jerusalem Post called for Dahan to go, but LFI and the ILP remained silent.  Like all supporters of colonialism you put the blame onto the oppressed.
Your support for a 2 State Solution is deceitful and dishonest. You are fully aware that the real purpose of the 2SS slogan is to provide a pretext for the continual denial of democratic rights to Palestinians living under military occupation. To grant equality to these 5 million Palestinians would mean an end to Israel as a Jewish supremacist state.  To annex the Territories outright would mean an open declaration that Israel is an Apartheid State.  It is far better to maintain the present status quo and with it the fiction of a 2SS.  You are therefore deliberately complicit in the present occupation.

The time has come for the Labour Party to abandon its support for the world’s only apartheid state.  It is Israel’s colonisatory project not Palestinian resistance that is at the heart of the problem today.  Support for Israel is part and parcel of support for US imperialism in the Middle East.  That is why Israel is the largest recipient of US aid in the world.
Jean Fitzpatrick was the victim of an attempt by Ryan at the 2016 Labour Party conference to paint her as antisemitic
For too long Labour’s Zionists have used the bogey of ‘anti-Semitism’ as a weapon against supporters of the Palestinians, including Jewish anti-Zionists such as myself and Jackie Walker. You yourself were captured by Al Jazeera faking an incident of anti-Semitism at Labour’s 2016 Conference. 

In the General Election you sent letters to your constituents attacking Jeremy Corbyn and saying that people had more trust in Theresa May.  Such is your loyalty to Labour’s elected leadership.

The time has come for the Labour Party in Britain to break its links with LFI and the apologists for Israeli Apartheid, yourself included.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein
Vice Chair – Labour Against the Witchhunt
Joan Ryan's Open Letter to Kate Osamor

Background to Joan Ryan - Israel's Devoted Servant

Joan Ryan is a devoted servant of the Israeli state.  She is also, by any measure, one of the most self-seeking and greedy MPs.  

In October 2007, the Evening Standard reported that Joan Ryan claimed £173,691 in expenses for the 2006/2007 tax year the highest for any MP.  In 2005/6 she had only managed second place in the competition to see who could claim the most parliamentary expenses.  Ryan was by all accounts delighted to have won the coveted ‘Snout in the Trough Award of the Year.’

In February 2010, as a result of the Parliamentary expenses scandal, Ryan had to repay £5,121 mortgage interest.  However this all pales into comparison compared to the £1 million slush fund that the Israeli Embassy agent Shai Masot arranged to be paid for her and which was captured in the Al Jazeera programme The Lobby.

Wikipedia reports that:

In 2012, The Independent reported that "[a]t least 10 attempts have been made from computers in Parliament to remove information about [Ryan's] expenses claims and a further 20 efforts to delete the information, some from her constituency of Enfield North, have also been recorded in Wikipedia's logs."[15]

During the 2015 general election, The Daily Telegraph returned to this issue. In Ryan's case, the entire expenses section was deleted, including information on repairs and decorations on her home paid for out of her MP's expenses; the edits were made while Ryan was not an MP, and she denied involvement.[16]

Ryan was also caught on camera making a false allegation of anti-Semitism against a Labour Party member, Jean Fitzpatrick, at the 2016 Labour Party Conference.  When put under pressure to explain exactly what Labour Friends of Israel were doing to achieve their supposed objective of a 2 state solution [2SS] Ryan preferred to concoct an allegation of anti-Semitism.

In August 2016 Richard Burgon MP, the Shadow Justice Minister, described Zionism as an enemy of peace.  Joan Ryan leapt into action to defend the world’s only apartheid state.  In response I penned an Open Letter.  In the past week Kate Osamor MP, who is both a member of the Shadow Cabinet and a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee has tweeted her support for the campaign for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions.  Once again Ryan has issued an Open Letter.  I have therefore decided to write once again to Ryan, not in the hope that she will enter into a dialogue – Zionists rarely like to exchange views – but because Ryan’s poisonous and racist views should not go unchallenged.

See Letter here

Asa Winstanley 13 December 2017
Electronic Intifada

Labour’s shadow development minister Kate Osamor has endorsed BDS. (ODI/Flickr)

Activists expressed support for the UK Labour Party’s shadow development minister Kate Osamor on Wednesday, after she tweeted approval of BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

The movement aims to hold Israel to account for its violations of Palestinians rights.

Osamor over the weekend tweeted “BDS movement #Freedom #Justice #Equality” – the hashtags standing for the three demands of the Palestinian-led BDS movement.

“We welcome Kate Osamor’s statement of support for the employment of BDS towards Israel until it recognizes the equal rights of Palestinians and ends its violation of their human rights and of international law,” the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s director Ben Jamal told The Electronic Intifada.

Osamor also retweeted a tweet by BDS South Africa which stated that similar tactics had helped the struggle against apartheid in their country:

Osamor’s public support for BDS highlights an apparent split in the party’s shadow cabinet. A left-winger who represents a constituency in North London, Osamor is a strong ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Her endorsement runs counter to shadow foreign minister Emily Thornberry, who last month gave a speech to Labour Friends of Israel in which she claimed – echoing common Israeli propaganda – that BDS is “bigotry.”

In a 2015 interview with The Electronic Intifada when he was running for the leadership, Corbyn expressed support for key parts of the BDS movement, including an arms embargo and a boycott of Israeli universities involved in arms research.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Corbyn told The Electronic Intifada that the “quotes stand.” Meanwhile, The Guardian quoted a spokesperson saying Corbyn “doesn’t support BDS,” only “targeted action aimed at illegal settlements and occupied territories” – but standing by Osamor’s right to support BDS.

Asked to clarify, the spokesperson said that Corbyn still “supports targeted boycotts of those Israeli academic institutions involved in arms research and surveillance of the Palestinian population.” The spokesperson last month also told The Electronic Intifada that Corbyn stood by the 2015 interview.
Labour Friends of Israel’s chair Joan Ryan condemned Osamor on Wednesday, calling on her to withdraw her support for BDS, claiming it “seeks to demonize” Israel' – another common Israeli government talking point.

Labour Friends of Israel is a lobby group within the UK’s main opposition party that coordinates closely with the Israeli embassy.

In an undercover Al Jazeera documentary in January, Ryan was caught on camera faking an incident of anti-Semitism against a Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist at the 2016 Labour conference.

Updated with further Corbyn spokesperson quote.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Austria’s neo-Nazis find friends in Israel

Is there any Far-Right or Anti-Semitic Regime or Party that Israel is not friends with?

neo-Nazi Heinz Christian Strache pays a vist to Israel's holocaust propaganda museum Yad Vashem
In this article on Electronic Intifada Ali Abunimah details the friendly relations between the Austrian state and Israel.  Austria has just elected a new Right-wing parliament with the Austrian Peoples Party the gaining the largest number of seats, 62, with the far-Right Freedom Party third with 51 seats, just behind the social democrats with 52 seats.  It is possible that Herr Strache’s Freedom Party will  become part of the governing coalition.

Strache was invited earlier in the year as a guest of the Likud party in Israel.  It is a party which is vehemently anti-Muslim but also ardently pro-Zionist.  It is hard to think of a serious far-Right party in Europe, apart from the Greek Golden Dawn and the Hungarian Jobbik who aren’t pro-Zionist.

Tony Greenstein

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 16 October 2017

Austria’s ambassador in Tel Aviv sees nothing wrong with Arab parties being excluded from Israel’s government.

As his own country looks set to put neo-Nazis in power in Vienna, this is yet another remarkable demonstration of the racist values shared by European and Israeli elites.

Just as in Germany, there are clear indications of ties between Austria’s neo-Nazi far right and Israel’s right wing.
Israel's new friends - the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO)
Ambassador backs exclusion

Last week Avi Gabbay, the leader of Israel’s ostensibly dovish Labor Party, declared that he would not join a coalition along with members of the Joint List, a grouping of parties made up predominantly of Palestinian citizens of Israel.

“We will not share a government with the Joint List, period,” Gabbay said. “Let that be clear.”

Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Joint List, condemned Gabbay’s racism. “Someone who doesn’t view Arab citizens and their elected representatives as a legitimate group, doesn’t present a real alternative to the right,” Odeh said.

At the same time, Gabbay indicated he could team up with Yisrael Beiteinu, the far-right party led by Israel’s notoriously anti-Arab defense minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Lieberman believes Palestinians like Odeh should eventually be stripped of their Israeli citizenship altogether.

Gabbay’s racism is unremarkable in the Israeli context. It has long been a consensus among Zionist parties that the fifth of the country’s citizens who are Palestinians should have no real role in decision-making.
Austria's neo-Nazi Freedom Party - a solid supporter of Israel
Gabbay followed up with more belligerent comments on Sunday, declaring that “the Arabs have to be afraid of us” and that Israel need never evacuate any of its settlements built on occupied Palestinian land in violation of international law.

But what has also sadly become unsurprising is to see European diplomats, who frequently pretend to represent an enlightened “human rights” perspective, rationalizing this racism.

On Friday, Martin Weiss, the Austrian ambassador in Tel Aviv had lunch with Gabbay, and appeared to offer a warm endorsement of the Israeli Labor leader on Twitter:

Weiss and Gabbay were joined for lunch by several other European diplomats.
I asked on Twitter if the Europeans had raised the issue of Gabbay’s open anti-Arab racism during the lunch.

Weiss responded, pointing out fairly enough that the lunch had taken place the day before Gabbay’s remarks refusing to let Arab parties join a coalition were reported.

Weiss added, “But do you think members of the Joint List would really want to join a Labor government?”

The Austrian ambassador appeared to be deflecting attention from Gabbay’s racism by pointing out that citizens who are discriminated against might not want inclusion in the first place.

I wanted to give Weiss an opportunity to back away from this, so I challenged him to publicly condemn Gabbay’s racism.

“Thanks but no thanks,” the ambassador replied. “Seems to me that every political party has the right to declare with which other party they would cooperate – or not.”

This could not be a clearer endorsement of the longstanding racist exclusion of Palestinian citizens of Israel on the grounds of their ethnicity.
Apartheid politics

It’s worth recalling that the landmark UN report on Israeli apartheid, suppressed last March by the UN secretary-general on American orders, found that while Israel’s political system gives nominal rights to the roughly 1.5 million Palestinian citizens of Israel, these add up to little in practice.

Voting rights lose their significance in terms of equal rights when a racial group is legally banned from challenging laws that perpetuate inequality,” the report states. “Israeli law bans organized Palestinian opposition to Jewish domination, rendering it illegal and even seditious.”

These formal restrictions on advocating for an end to state-sponsored racism are supplemented by the informal consensus among party leaders – from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning that Arabs were voting “in droves” to Gabbay vowing not to include the Joint List in a coalition – that government is an exclusively Jewish matter.

Neo-Nazis embrace Israeli right

Ambassador Weiss’ defense of Israeli racism was perhaps a warm-up for the work he’ll have to do defending his own country’s government in coming months.

Following Sunday’s Austrian general election, a new right-wing government led by the youthful foreign minister Sebastian Kurz is set to take power.

It’s widely expected that Kurz’s conservative People’s Party will form a coalition with the far-right, anti-Muslim Freedom Party, headed by neo-Nazi Heinz-Christian Strache.

The Freedom Party’s success comes just weeks after the neo-Nazi Alternative for Germany – known by its initials AfD – took about 100 seats in the Bundestag.

And just like AfD, Austria’s Freedom Party has discovered a recent affinity for Israel.

Last year, Strache, who used to march with a group imitating the Hitler Youth, visited Israel at the invitation of lawmakers from Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party.

Just like other assorted anti-Semites and far-right extremists, Strache apparently saw Israel providing a laundering service. As media reports in Austria put it, the intention of Strache’s visit – complete with a pilgrimage to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial – was “to make himself kosher in Israel” in the hope that this would give him respectability elsewhere.

Europe’s new fascists and Israel’s right have also found an alliance in their common hatred of Muslims.

In June, Strache welcomed to Vienna Likud lawmaker Yehuda Glick, a leader in the so-called Temple Movement, which aims to destroy Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque and replace it with a Jewish temple.
A photo posted on Strache’s Facebook page shows the pair in a friendly meeting.

European Jewish organizations have condemned Israeli outreach to Europe’s far right, including the Freedom Party. Last November, the leader of the Vienna Jewish community published a letter calling on Israeli politicians to shun such meetings and “to draw a very clear red line between us and those who represent hate, neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism.”

Recall that while Germany’s Jewish community expressed horror at AfD’s recent electoral success, Yehuda Glick defended the party.

There’s no mystery why: AfD leaders have given strong backing to Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Austria’s Strache is following a similar line, supporting the settlements and becoming a champion of Israel’s claims to Jerusalem that are rejected by the rest of the world.

Strache handed Glick a letter to be delivered to Netanyahu vowing to do all he could to push for Austria’s embassy in Tel Aviv to be moved to Jerusalem.

With his party set to join the government, Strache will have his chance.

Once again, Israel is showing that its closest allies in Europe are the worst enemies of Jewish people.

see also

Growing Far-Right Nationalistic Movements Are Dangerously Anti-Muslim — and Pro-Israel

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Why Am I Being Expelled? According to the Jewish Chronicle for Criticising Louise Ellman, Labour MP

Calling Ellman, the MP for South Tel Aviv is apparently ‘racist abuse’

Soldiers drag 8-year-old from home to home looking for stone-throwers, Hebron, March 2017

In an article allegedly about Nicola Sturgeon’s relationship with  Scotland’s Jewish community, Nicola Sturgeon sparks Chanukah pride as Labour woes continue Marcus Dysch devoted much of it to what he called ‘racist abuse’ she has experienced ‘within her own party and further afield.  Prominent amongst Ellman’s racial abusers was me!

Dysch complained bitterly that Ellman had been all but abandoned by the Zionists:  ‘the silence from all quarters is deafening’ he wrote. ‘Why is no one rushing to her defence? Why are her colleagues and our communal organisations not pursuing the expulsion of her abuser with the same vigour they have directed at Ken Livingstone or Jackie Walker?’

Presumably the  media campaign against me hasn’t been strong enough compared to Ken Livingstone  or Jackie.  Dysch wants it stepped up.  I am described as ‘her abuser’ which I take as a kind of flattery.  Would that were so!  In fact I have played a relatively small part in the campaign to deselect this foul and obnoxious woman, who has nothing in common with the working class electorate of Liverpool 8.  It is an utter disgrace that this racist has anything to do with a community that has a large Black and non-White population.

Soldiers enter Hebron homes at night, photograph kids, 24/02/15

Dysch wrote that my ‘attacks on her last year were the tipping point which prompted the party to suspend him. He now awaits his fate at the hands of Labour’s disciplinary team.’

I have my doubts about this.  Accuracy is not Dysch’s strongest point.  My key article Time to Deselect Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv North – Apologist for Israel's Occupation Forces was written on June 20th 2016 and I was suspended three months previously.  However if this is what Dysch believes then clearly that is the spin coming from McNicol’s monkeys.

In an article ‘Labour activist wins High Court injunction to delay disciplinary hearing on antisemitism charges’ it is asserted that ‘The JC reported last week that veteran Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman had been racially abused in blog posts written by Mr Greenstein.’  Of course if this is true then it is truly terrible.  But is it true?  What is my offence?

Soldiers harass B'Tselem volunteers' family and confiscate hard disk

Perhaps they missed the irony in my article Attacked Because She is Jewish and thought I was being sincere!  No the reason is given by Dysch himself.

Described as the MP for “Tel Aviv South” and a “racist supporter of the child abuse of Palestinian children”, Mrs Ellman was repeatedly attacked by Tony Greenstein, a noxious Jewish anti-Zionist.’

Well I can live with the description ‘noxious’ when used by a Zionist hack like Dysch.  I was once called ‘odious’ by Philip Kleinman, the Jewish Chronicle’s boring media columnist (as was Ken Livingstone, who according to the Sun was the most odious man in Britain).
Is it indeed ‘anti-Semitic’ to call a Zionist MP, the MP for Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?  Am I doing that because they are Jewish?  Of course if that were the only reason then that would be anti-Semitic, without a doubt, even though of course Israel says it is the nation state of all Jews, not just its own Jewish citizens.  The fact that Zionism perpetuates the anti-semitic canard of 'dual loyalty' of Jews is no reason for anti-racists to do so.

Hebron - Soldiers detain Maher Abu Haya, a minor, threaten wrongful arrest

But of course it is nonsense.  I am calling her the MP for Tel Aviv for exactly the same reasons that we called John Carlisle, the Monday Club MP for Luton North, the MP for Pretoria.  Why?  Because he was a devoted supporter of teh Apartheid regime in South Africa.  It wasn’t because he was White or for any racial or ethnic reasons but because of his political positions.  Likewise when I write an article such as Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv South is a Racist Supporter of the Child Abuse of Palestinian Children I am attacking her because she is a vile Zionist not because she is Jewish.  Her religious affiliation is of no concern to me.  Her politics are. 

I homed in on Ellman in particular for her role in a debate in the House of Commons on 6th January 2016.  I have put a shortened version on the Internet.  It was a debate on Child Prisoners and Detainees: Occupied Palestinian Territories.  It covered a Report by a group of British lawyers and then Unicef on the beating, torture and maltreatment of Palestinian children.  Some videos showing the treatment of these kids can be seen underneath.
I have covered this in depth in Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and Tel Aviv South is a Racist Supporter of the Child Abuse of Palestinian Children and don’t intend to cover it here.  All I wish to say is that if the Labour Party was serious in changing into a socialist party then it would be rid of this vile woman in a shot.  Not because she is Jewish but because she is a racist and a Zionist who is prepared to defend Israel’s military even whilst it is abusing and arresting Palestinian children as young as 9.

Marcus Dysch is renowned for the quota of mistakes in his articles.  Thus in his Labour activist wins High Court injunction to delay disciplinary hearing on antisemitism charges.  A small detail but it is indicative of his lack of attention to detail.  In an article that quotes me, the normal thing for most honest journalists would be to ring up the subject of their article and speak to them.  Dysch is content to quote my blog and make the rest up.

Tony Greenstein

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why Israel is an Apartheid State AND

Why Trump’s Honesty is Europe's Hypocrisy

There has been a massive reaction to Trump’s announcement that the United States recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  European leaders have been unanimous in their disapproval.  If one didn’t know better one might assume they had been in the forefront of the BDS movement, as a means to pressurise Israel into a 2 States Solution.

But of course Theresa May, Macron et al. have been vociferous in condemning the ‘anti-Semitic’ Boycott  movement.  They are resolutely opposed to putting any pressure on Israel, knowing full well that no Zionist party in Israel (bar the tiny Meretz) supports a 2 State Solution.  It is in this respect interesting that the Israeli Labour Party under its new leader Avi Gabbay has welcomed Trump’s announcement.  So much for the idea that the ILP represents something different in Zionist politics.

People may be surprised by my heading.  Why should I welcome Trump’s statement that Jerusalem in its entirety belongs to the Zionists? Why should I welcome the death of the 2 States Solution?  Because that has always been the real if unstated position of the West.
Of course I don’t believe that Jerusalem is the property of the Zionist state.  But what I also don’t 
support is the fictional support for 2 states that the West pays lip service to.  There has never ever been a chance of a 2 state solution.  Neither Oslo nor Ehud Barak, the last Israeli Labour Prime Minister ever supported 2 States.  At best they supported a cut down version of a Bantustan.  A ridiculous demilitarised version of Transkei and  Bophutswana.

All opponents of Apartheid opposed South Africa’s homelands policy.  The idea of shunting Black Africans into enclaves controlled by Black collaborators.  But in Palestine all sorts of progressive people have given lip-service to the idea of a Palestinian bantustan.

Unfortunately and tragically so have the representative organisations, the PLO, of the Palestinian people.  As I wrote in Labour Briefing regarding the Oslo Accords in October 1993, ‘this is an agreement built on shifting sands.  It represents a massive victory for imperialism.’
The New York Times agonises over whether Trump has killed off the 2 States solution but it decides he hasn't!
The pursuit of the 2 States illusion has cost the Palestinian movement dearly.  It has been the smokescreen behind which Zionism has effectively colonised the West Bank, laid siege to Gaza and weakened the Palestinians by arming a collaborationist police authority (the PA) to do Israel’s work for it.

The reason for opposing 2 States is not though merely practical.  Partition as a solution to settler colonialism, be it in Ireland or Palestine, is a cure worse than the original problem.  2 States means that the Israeli Jewish state survives.  The ‘conflict’ in Palestine, in actual fact the steady colonisation of Palestine, is a consequence of a political movement based on the ideology of Jewish supremacism. 
In this Israel is no different from any other settler colonial state.  In Ireland the rallying cry of the Unionists was Protestant Supremacy, in the words of the first Viscount James Craigavon, a former Prime Minister, Stormont was a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people.  Likewise in South Africa Apartheid was the means by which White Supremacy was maintained.  The only solution is the deZionisation of Israel. 
Demonstration in the Wadi Arab area of Israel
It is therefore interesting to see how the New York Times the American paper of record sees it.  In an article Did Trump Kill Off a Two-State Solution? He Says No, Palestinians Say Yes Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s main negotiator is quoted as saying that Trump and Netanyahu “have managed to destroy that hope.” Of a 2 States solution.  He is described as embracing ‘a radical shift in the P.L.O.’s goals — to a single state, but with Palestinians enjoying the same civil rights as Israelis, including the vote.’
Ererkat bemoans that “They’ve left us with no option. This is the reality. We live here. Our struggle should focus on one thing: equal rights.”  Of course no one should hold their breath that Erekat is doing anything other than letting off steam.  This is the same Erekat who was willing to hand Tsipi Livni, when she was negotiating with the PA, a ‘big Yerushalayim’ in exchange for just one small Palestinian suburb to call a capital.

Nonetheless Mark Landler of the NYT disapproves.  After having quoted a number of Israeli talking heads he states that ‘Mr. Erekat’s change of heart is unlikely to change Palestinian policy. The dream of a Palestinian state is too deeply ingrained in a generation of its leaders for the Palestinian Authority to abandon it now.’

Which is true in so far as one distinguishes between the PA’s quisling leaders and the Palestinians themselves.  But then Landler goes further and says, without any hesitation that:

‘Israel would be unlikely to accede to equal rights, because granting a vote to millions of Palestinians would eventually lead to the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

And this is exactly what it is about.  A Jewish State cannot be a democratic state.  Israel cannot accede to equal rights.  Therefore, just as in Apartheid South Africa, the Palestinians must be shunted into their own homelands.  Except that the West Bank is nowhere near as big as South Africa so the Palestinians must be content with a few hemmed in urban conurbations as the settlements slowly eat into Palestinian patrimony.

If there is anyone who doesn’t quite get it, let us replace a few words in the above statement.
Israel South Africa would be unlikely to accede to equal rights, because granting a vote to millions of Palestinians Africans would eventually lead to the end of Israel South Africa as a Jewish White state.

This is what the supporters of two states are supporting.  And if anyone has doubts that Israel within the 1948 borders is also an apartheid state that considers its Palestinian citizens as guests to be discarded as soon as convenient, let us look at the reaction of its Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman to the riots in Arab areas in the wake of Trump’s announcement.

Lieberman, whose Deputy Eli Dahan, is of the opinion that Arabs are sub-human  has called for Israeli Jews to boycott the Wadi Ara area of Israel where many Arabs live.  They should ‘feel unwanted here’ and become part of Ramallah.  ‘Speaking in an interview Lieberman said that ‘the residents of Wadi Ara were not part of the State of Israel.’   And this is increasingly the view of Israelis, 48% of whom according to the Pew Research Report Israel’s Religiously Divided Society support the physical removal of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

Following Saturday's violent protest in northern Israeli Arab region against US recognition of Jerusalem, in which rioters hurled stones at police cars and buses, defense minister urges Israeli citizens to boycott area and make its residents 'feel unwanted here'; they should become part of Ramallah, he adds.

Attila Somfalvi|Published:  10.12.17 , 10:35

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday called for a boycott of the Israeli Arab region of Wadi Ara, following Saturday's violent protests in the area, in which rioters hurled at police cars and buses, as well as on Yedioth Ahronoth photographer Gil Nechushtan.
Speaking in an interview to the Ynet Studio, Lieberman said the residents of Wadi Ara were not part of the State of Israel.

"I call on all of Israel's residents to stop buying there," he said. "Simply impose a consumers' boycott and don't go in there—don't enter their restaurants or their businesses, don't get your cars fixed there. The residents of Wadi Ara must understand that they're unwanted and that they're not part of us. They’re working from within to harm the State of Israel.
Lieberman. 'I have never seen a protest in Wadi Ara with a single Israeli flag' (Photo: AFP)

"We've seen terrorists come out of there, we've seen funerals for the terrorists from Umm al-Fahm who murdered police officers at the Temple Mount, and we've seen a terrorist murder people at the terror attack on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street, including an Arab taxi driver from Lod. They are not part of us," the defense minister said, reiterating his initiative to hand Wadi Ara over to the Palestinian Authority as part of a future agreement.

"They should become part of Ramallah," he said. "There, they will receive convalescence pay, an unemployment allowance and maternity benefits instead of the billions of shekels they are currently receiving from the National Security Institute. Let (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas pay all their rights and payments the Palestinian democracy and the Palestinian society are certainly much better than the State of Israel." 
One of the buses pelted with stones in Wadi Ara, Saturday
Calling for a boycott of the area, Lieberman said: "I urge all citizens of the State of Israel to stop entering stores there, to stop buying and to stop receiving services. We should simply impose a boycott on them and let them feel unwanted here. I have never seen a protest in Wadi Ara with a single Israeli flag. I've seen many Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Authority flags there, and I've never seen a single State of Israel flag there."
Wadi Ara protest

"Wadi Ara is becoming an incitement center," the minister stated. "On Saturday, a journalist was nearly lynched, and there is wild incitement in the schools. The generation being raised there isn't learning anything apart from hatred toward the State of Israel. The residents of Wadi Ara enjoy the best living conditions in the Middle East."

Lieberman added that the residents had a right to protest, but that "terror, support for terror, solidarity with terror organizations and solidarity with Israel's enemies cannot be part of the rules of the game. That's what we see in Wadi Ara and it's the same line separating between them and others."

The defense minister said he hoped the tensions following US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital were over. "On Saturday, I traveled across the Judea area and it was completely calm. According to reports from this morning, everything is calm and quiet. Even the Arab League conference settled for a verbal statement and nothing else. So when I look at the situation in Judea and Samaria today, and on the fence in the Gaza Strip, I believe it's behind us."

As for reports that Saudi Arabia had supported Trump's announcement, Lieberman said earlier in an interview to Army Radio: "The Saudis have personally experienced the meaning of Islamic terror and Iranian subversion, so I think they have a different outlook. We heard the crown prince call (Iranian supreme leader) Ali Khamenei the modern Hitler. Such declarations are not for the love of Israel."

Addressing the tensions on Israel's southern border following the barrage of rockets fired at Gaza vicinity communities from the Strip over the weekend, the defense minister said: "We have hit all of Hamas' critical sites, destroyed a rocket manufacturing facility and a storehouse with strategic Hamas weapons inside the Gaza Strip. I'm certain that everyone can send their children back to school and kindergarten, and I believe all these events are behind us. It's Hamas' responsibility."